October 7th, 2010 by The Franchise Development Team

How are you perceived?

Your current customers know plenty about you. But when it comes to attracting new customers that don’t know anything about you, or if you’re a brand new player in a market, the only thing that will make a difference in whether or not potential customers do business with you is their perception of you.

You know what you’re good at and what it takes to convince your customers why the service you provide is better than your competition. The only thing potential customers know about your school, however, is what they perceive. When it comes to discussing your business and your competitive advantages over the telephone or in person, take the time to actually care for the customer by not rushing through. Use active listening skills to determine the needs of the customer and incorporate this information in your sales approach.

You know all the ins and outs and every last detail of what makes your business better than the rest. If you breeze through the information on your mental checklist without fully explaining what it is or its purpose, it will not stand out or make an impact. The power of perception in many cases is the difference between gaining and losing new opportunities. Take the time to avoid your own uphill battle by creating a perception that truly reflects just how good your business is.

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