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Owners of The Goddard School Located in South Kingstown

February 9th, 2011 by The Franchise Development Team

What Clay and Gina Did Before Goddard

Clay received his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering. He was involved with chemical plants and explosive manufacturing. “Engineering is a heavily regulated industry,” says Clay. “It is all about getting the details right. Goddard is the same way.” When Gina was pregnant with the couple’s first child, they decided that it would be best to move and go back home to Rhode Island. After moving back, Clay got a job as a consultant. “The Goddard team knows that details matter and we need to have diligence on day to day issues.”

How Clay and Gina Specifically Found Out About The Goddard School

Clay saw The Goddard School in Entrepreneur Magazine and was ranked as a very high performance school. After seeing the article, Clay investigated further and found that many of The Goddard School franchisee’s were just like himself. “I started thinking that my community could really benefit from a high performance child care facility,” said Clay. After speaking with many franchisees, Clay knew that The Goddard School was the right choice for himself and his family. Clay and Gina opened their location in August 2006.

Why Clay and Gina Became and Love Being Goddard School Franchisees

“I was impressed with the consistency and uniformity of each school,” said Clay. “All of the owners have such interesting backgrounds.” Not only were Clay and Gina impressed with the assortment of owners who had similar backgrounds to themselves, but they were also impressed by the process that The Goddard School used to determine if they were a good franchisee fit. “Goddard has a great professional home office and everyone is very down to earth,” Clay boasts.

Community Involvement

It’s important to Clay and Gina that their school feels approachable and welcoming to all of the families within the community they serve. They host monthly open houses and continue to partner with other local business owners to build a positive relationship in order to understand how they can better fulfill their community’s needs.

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