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The Pope Family


Establishing a legacy is important. Three generations of Goddard School franchisees, Don O’Brian, his daughter, Anne Pope, and her oldest son, Taylor Pope, know this all too well. This is why they have opened two Goddard Schools and are in the process of opening a third. Here are seven reasons why they believe The Goddard School is a terrific multigenerational business.


  1. It’s a high-quality preschool with a stellar reputation. When her youngest son was born, Anne had trouble finding childcare in her area that met her expectations. Upon visiting a Goddard School for the first time, though, it was a completely different story. “The first time I walked into a School, I was extremely impressed,” she said. “Very secure, very clean. Big, bright classrooms. The children were all engaged and happy. Beautiful playgrounds.” This experience led Anne to open a School of her own.
  2. It’s a business for families, by families. A big reason that Anne opened The Goddard School of Chesapeake, VA with Don is because it allowed her to spend time with her family and still earn a comfortable living. “The business is great if you want to raise a family,” she said. “I’ve been able to balance work and life very, very easily.”
  3. It gives your children an attractive career option. Anne and Don, Goddard franchisees since 2005, have had such a good experience that they are in the process of opening The Goddard School of Washington, D.C. with Taylor, who previously worked in property management after graduating from Marymount University with a bachelor’s degree in business. “You want the best for your kids, so a School seemed best for Taylor,” Anne said. She added that she wanted him to have the same opportunities and advantages she had.
  4. It’s a business model that works. When you invest in a Goddard School, you invest in a proven system. “When potential franchisees call us about our experience, we tell them that, at the end of the day, Goddard’s been doing this a very long time, and they’ve developed a recipe for success,” said Don. “The best advice we can give is follow the recipe and trust it.”
  5. It’s a sustainable business model. The Goddard School model has been implemented successfully hundreds of times over the course of 30 years. Goddard plans to open its 500th School later this year. Now that Taylor is becoming a franchisee, he sees no reason not to open more Schools as his career grows with the system. “I’d like to open more Schools,” he said. “Arlington [Virginia] is booming, it needs more childcare. The market is growing.”
  6. It has the feel of a family business but is backed by the resources of the leader in early childhood education. With 30 years of experience in franchising, education and business, The Goddard School is a recognized, successful brand with a system in place to support your various business needs, from marketing to IT and more. In other words, with Goddard, you go into business for yourself, not by yourself. “Our experience with Goddard has been outstanding,” Don said. “The support is phenomenal and immediate, and it’s been an excellent experience.”
  7. It’s supported by a handpicked team of leading experts who are on the cutting edge of the latest trends and research in early childhood education and development. The Goddard School’s Educational Advisory Board (EAB), comprised of acknowledged experts in various fields of early childhood education, contributes to the development of Goddard’s play-based learning program. “The EAB is a huge asset in keeping Goddard on the cutting edge,” said Don. “They make a presentation at each [franchisee] convention. Franchisees can talk to them, and it’s absolutely fascinating. It’s been such a revelation. The EAB constantly enhances programs and information available to parents. It’s extremely useful.”