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Identifying Your Leadership Position

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

More often than not, employees in leadership roles are under far more scrutiny than those who are not. Leaders act as the lighthouse of their company – they’re always there for guidance and direction.

What can a leader do to prepare for this role? First, research your job description. It may sound obvious enough, but you may come to find that there is a lot about your role that you didn’t already know. This could be as basic as what your responsibilities are, who reports to you and to whom you report. When you accept the position, ask your supervisor or human resources representative for this information in writing.

Keep this information where it is easily accessible and make a spreadsheet with a list of those who report to you and those to whom you report. Once you feel secure in your responsibilities and chain of command, you can be a shining source of guidance right from the beginning.

Demonstrating Value

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

In general, consumers don’t want to be sold to. So although it can be tricky, it’s important to develop your skills at indirect or subtle selling techniques. Essentially this is figuring out ways to integrate your product or service into your conversation with customers without sounding like a pitch machine.

Asking open ended questions and listening to your customer will help you understand their needs so that you can offer solutions, provide education and share experiences with others you’ve helped with similar situations. It’s all about adding value and demonstrating your knowledge and expertise. In turn, you become the authority and “go to” resource for customers.

Since no one enjoys being directly sold to, subtle selling is the way to go. People want to know “what’s in it for me.” So you have to be able to show them the value in what you offer. Practice and finesse your technique by providing your customer with whatever education, engagement or entertainment they may need in order for you to more easily close the sale.

Social Media Policy for Employees

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

You need to protect your brand, your business, yourself and your employees by implementing a social media policy. Through the Internet, the public can access a great deal of information about a person or organization, including information that, in the past, people would have only shared with close friends or family.

Have you implemented a social media policy for your employees?  If you haven’t, start drafting your policy today!  Check out this list of social media policies from Social Media Governance to help begin your policy.

Your employees are involved in social media and you need to be aware of this presence. What are your employees sharing about themselves online? What are they saying about you online? Implement a social media policy today to protect your business tomorrow!