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Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

CUSTOMER CARE is the service your business provides, on a daily basis, which aligns with the needs of the customer.

How do you and your employees care for your customers?  Try to list at least ten CUSTOMER CARE touch points that are important to your business.  Put your list in writing and take a good look at it.  Remember, referrals are a primary source of your business…are you optimizing your CUSTOMER CARE opportunities?

We’ll help you get started…

  1. A warm welcome to customers every day.

Now it’s your turn….

Delivering ‘Above and Beyond’ Service:

1. Be a hero! Superb service doesn’t take much more effort than lousy service; it’s simply an attitude adjustment.

2. Never settle for less than the best. Your work is a direct reflection of you.  Make it shine!

3. Search for models of great service. Look around your organization and find the people who are stars at work.  Study them – learn what makes them tick.  See if you can do what they do.

4. Follow through on your actions. Make sure the actions you take have the desired effect – not just when you do them, but a week, a month, or a year later.

5. Encourage others to take your lead. Your refusal to compromise your standards of quality and service will motivate others to do the same.


Source: 1001 Ways To Take Initiative At Work by Bob Nelson