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The Rule of Repetition

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Any marketing communication is more effective when it is repeatedly brought to the attention of your target market.

Consumers are not motivated to purchase the first time they are exposed to a service. They are not familiar with the product and need some level of familiarity before taking action. Repetition steps in and takes care of the familiarization process.

  • Repetition strengthens a brand’s identity.
  • Repetition increases the ability of the consumer to identify the brand.
  • Repetition helps your customer take ownership of your service before they even make a purchase.
  • Repetition cuts through the background noise inherent in almost every facet of the communication process.

Say ‘Thank You’: Always Reward Quality

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Whether it’s an employee, a co-worker, a family member or the mailman – acknowledging someone whose work or service has been above average is a very good habit to get into.

Even if it’s just simply to make a point of saying “thank you” in person, or by writing a personalized note that demonstrates your recognition of their efforts. You don’t have to know someone personally or be an authority in their field to compliment them. A gift of thanks should be carefully wrapped in just the right words, but most importantly your expressions must be sincere. A show of appreciation may encourage them to maintain their standards, instead of allowing them to slip.

Making time to thank those who have been helpful is the right thing to do. We’re always busy. But, we shouldn’t be too busy to express gratitude for a job well done. Especially when there’s no immediate benefit to doing so. Because, hopefully, at some point, someone (perhaps one of your customers) will do the same for you, and their message will arrive on a day when it will be especially appreciated!

  • Competition makes us take action. It forces us to dig deeper, take responsibility and in some cases, to act quickly.
  • Competition challenges us to think of ways to improve the product/service we provide. Without the competition breathing down our neck we may never feel the pressure to try to take our business to the next level.
  • Competition forces us to take better care of our customers. It impresses upon us the need to keep our customer at the center of our focus every single day. The reality is, if we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will.
  • Competition keeps us honest and running our business in fair and equitable ways. It gives the customer comparisons so they can make an intelligent choice of which service provider is right for them.
  • Competition keeps our sights set on the future – constantly looking for the next touch point and opportunity to improve the lives of our customers and the relationships we have with them and keep them asking for more.

Remember to be good to your customers so your competitors never get the chance to!

Source: Market Viewpoint