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It is a growing trend in franchising that entrepreneurs entering into a system are more educated and more active in their due diligence process, then ever before.

It is the responsibility of the potential franchisee to perform in-depth research and become knowledgeable on the brand.  Existing franchisees are the best source of knowledge and validation for any prospect.  Potential Goddard School franchisees are always speaking with and working closely with existing franchisees. Because our franchisees are living the Goddard System each day – and are fully engaged in the ins and outs of the business – they have become our best referral.

The Goddard School has very passionate franchisees who are always willing to answer any question, big or small, to guide prospects to their ultimate decision.  Our prospective franchisees are not only meeting with their near-by Goddard School business owners, they are driving to different cities, flying to different states and calling across the country to inherit as much information as they can get their hands on.

Valaire and Fred Riese, franchisees of The Goddard School located in Chanhassen, recently spoke about their due diligence process, saying “I really wanted to find something wrong with The Goddard School to bring to the table when signing on, but after flying to three different schools to tour the facilities and calling 26 franchisees to ask a list of 47 questions, we found ourselves to be completely impressed.  The Goddard School, both corporate and franchisees, answered every question we asked, and we couldn’t ask for anything more.”

The Goddard School has great support internally and unmatched validation from our franchisees. We encourage all prospects to continue to be active in their due diligence process and become more knowledgeable about any system before taking the leap into business ownership.

While trade shows and franchise portals used to be a definite part of franchise development, using these tactics, as a sole strategy, is becoming a way of the past. To attract new franchisees and open the lines of communication, Goddard Systems, Inc. has developed a multi-channel strategy, adding social media as a vital connecting point.

Social media allows transparency and immediate communication with brands.  It is this personal connection that allows prospective franchisees to interact with Goddard Systems, Inc. and each other, while performing necessary due diligence on The Goddard School brand.

Social media plays an important role in Goddard System’s growth strategy, opening up new conversations, relationships and connections with potential franchisees around the country, a factor that has led credibility to our system as a whole.

She was a stay-at-home mom and he was an aviation supervisor with what they thought was great job security.  Unfortunately, the tough economy hit the Riese family by surprise, like it has so many others.  That’s when Fred and Valaire Riese discovered Goddard Systems, Inc. (GSI) and decided to open a Goddard School, a preschool for children from six weeks to six years, in Chanhassen, Minnesota.

The Goddard School is a nationwide franchise of GSI, headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. With 360+ schools, it is the fastest growing preschool in the United States and was recently recognized as the “#1 Childcare Franchise” for the ninth consecutive year by Entrepreneur magazine (January 2010).

The Rieses were looking for a franchisor who, according to Valaire, “upheld its operational manual and had very high quality assurance standards.  We were looking for something that was ‘family friendly’ with operating hours during the day, Monday through Friday…conducive to our young family’s schedule.”  She adds, “Operating a Goddard School allows us flexibility so we are available for our own children each day.  Fred coaches little league baseball, I volunteer and help with Girl Scouts and dance.”

“The support from GSI has far exceeded our expectations,” adds Valaire.  “The corporate support and follow through has been outstanding. It was and is important for us to know that we can call the CEO at any time and speak directly to him. Our questions are always answered quickly and our input is valued. Just as we consider our enrolled families part of our Goddard family we feel very much a part of the GSI family.”