The philanthropic campaign kicked off The Goddard School’s 25th anniversary celebration

To celebrate 25 years of service as the leader in early childhood education, The Goddard School kicked off its festivities with a special philanthropic campaign to benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®).

To commemorate its milestone anniversary, Goddard Schools nationwide participated in a variety of fundraising activities to support their local RMHC Chapters. In total, more than $185,000 was raised. Goddard Systems, Inc. (GSI), franchisor of The Goddard School, contributed a gift of $25,000 to help provide families a “home-away-from-home” while their child receives specialized medical treatment far from home through the Ronald McDonald House® program.

“At The Goddard School, providing children with the opportunities for long-term success in school and in life is the focus of everything we do, so supporting  RMHC seemed like the perfect way to celebrate that mission,” said Joe Schumacher, Chief Executive Officer for GSI. “We are extremely proud of each of the nearly 400 Goddard Schools across the nation that helped us with this effort. This clearly demonstrates that when we work together, we can accomplish great things for our communities.”

In addition to collecting monetary donations, children at The Goddard School created birthday cards for their local RMHC Chapters. The birthday cards will be distributed throughout the year by RMHC directors to pediatric patients or family members celebrating birthdays during their hospital stay.

“With the unwavering support of donors like The Goddard School, at RMHC we are able to make a positive impact in the lives of children through our family-centered programs and services,” said J.C. Gonzalez-Mendez, president and CEO, RMHC.

“Our support of RMHC was the perfect opportunity to get the children involved and teach them the importance of giving back to their community,” said Paula Beverage, on-site owner of The Goddard School located in Independence, Ohio. Her school collected pop tabs, auctioned off the children’s artwork and hosted a silent auction to raise more than $3,000 for the Ronald McDonald House in Cleveland.

For Michelle Sims, Quality Assurance Representative at GSI, the partnership between The Goddard School and RMHC had personal significance. When her daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2004, Sims was referred to a pediatric specialist in New York. Unable to afford the constant commute between New York and their home in Florida, the Sims family spent more than five years in and out of the Ronald McDonald House in New York.

“Honestly, we would have never been able to afford to stay in New York for the amount of time we did if it weren’t for the Ronald McDonald House,” said Sims. “Because of the cutting-edge treatment my daughter was able to receive, her life has been saved. I hope people understand this partnership isn’t just about fundraising; it is about making a real, meaningful difference in the lives of families.”

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The Goddard School® Announces $10K Scholarship

February 5th, 2013 by The Franchise Development Team

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply by March 27

The Goddard School, the leader in franchised educational childcare, is now accepting applications for the 2013 Anthony A. Martino Memorial Scholarship (AAMMS). The $10,000 scholarship is awarded annually to a junior or senior high school student who graduated from The Goddard School’s Pre-K or Kindergarten program.

The AAMMS is named in memory of the founder of The Goddard School franchise system, and is given to an alumnus who has demonstrated Martino’s work ethic, perseverance and commitment to the community.

“Tony Martino worked his way up from humble beginnings to achieve great things for his family and community,” said Joe Schumacher, Chief Executive Officer for Goddard Systems, Inc. “At The Goddard School, Martino’s spirit of hard work and creativity is instilled in every child and we’re excited to see the submissions from this year’s applicants.”

To apply for the AAMMS, eligible students must submit a completed scholarship application by March 27, 2013, along with a 30- to 120-second video essay about how their Goddard School experience influenced their career path or education. Video essays should be mailed to 1016 West Ninth Ave, King of Prussia, PA, 19406 – ATTN: Scholarship.

Last year’s scholarship recipient, Emily Moss, is a 1999 graduate of the pre-kindergarten program at The Goddard School located in Dublin, Ohio. She is currently attending Ohio State University.

“My teachers at The Goddard School made learning fun, so I always enjoyed going to school and discovering new things,” said Moss. “Aside from the financial support I’ve received from the Anthony A. Martino Memorial Scholarship, The Goddard School has also provided me with the foundation to succeed in the classroom. For that I am truly grateful.”

The Goddard School uses the most current, academically endorsed methods to ensure that children have fun while learning the skills they need for long-term success in school and in life. The Goddard School’s talented teachers also collaborate with parents to nurture children into respectful, confident and joyful learners.

For more information about the Anthony A. Martino Memorial Scholarship, visit To learn more about The Goddard School, parents are encouraged to visit online at or call 1-800-GODDARD.


The Goddard School 2012 National Franchisee Convention

December 11th, 2012 by The Franchise Development Team

The Goddard School Franchisee Convention

For the past 25 years, The Goddard School has nurtured children into respectful, confident and joyful learners, and Goddard is focused on raising the bar even higher over the next 25 years.

To kick off the 25th anniversary in 2013, more than 400 Goddard School franchisees attended the 2012 Goddard School National Franchisee Convention in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to discuss the latest innovations and advancements for providing the highest quality, play-based educational childcare programs in a technology-driven age.

Inspired by The Goddard School philosophy of learning through play for its children and families, the convention blended education and fun to motivate, inspire and energize franchisees.

During the four-day meeting, Goddard Systems, Inc. (GSI), franchisor of The Goddard School unveiled new technological tools to help enhance ongoing collaboration with parents. One new tool, Goddard Family Connect, is a web-based portal that will allow parents to engage in real time with the school and their child’s teachers.

The Goddard School uses technology as a tool to engage children in the classroom and also to collaborate with and support parents.  Goddard Family Connect provides families with an interactive resource for daily activity reports for each child, school calendars, important forms and a new online payment center.

In addition to the launch of new technology, GSI introduced an evolved brand, including a new logo, which will be rolled out to local schools in 2013 for the brand’s 25th anniversary.

The Goddard School® Celebrates the Power of Play with Nationwide Block Party

September 27th, 2012 by The Franchise Development Team

In this high-tech, fast-paced world, it’s easy to forget the joy and power of play. That’s why The Goddard School, the leader in early childhood education, is celebrating the importance of learning through play with its Block Party event.

On Monday, Oct. 1 through Saturday, Oct. 6, The Goddard School is encouraging everyone to stop by and play at The Goddard School Block Party. The event, hosted by Goddard Schools across the nation, will focus on a variety of playful learning activities, including the “Largest Game of Simon Says” record attempt on Friday, Oct. 5 at 9:00 AM PDT/12:00PM EDT.

“Playing alone and with others not only builds brain development, it also helps children develop social skills and a sense of ethics,” said Kyle D. Pruett, M.D., Education Advisory Board Member for Goddard Systems, Inc. (GSI), franchisor of The Goddard School. “Play helps children learn to solve problems, teaches regulation of emotions, and builds resilience and confidence.”

Current research supports the long-term impact of play-based learning on children. The Goddard School has used this child-focused approach since it opened its first school almost 25 years ago.

“It’s important as early educators to remember to encourage creativity in young children,” said Sue Adair, director of education for GSI. “Our approach is based on accepted research that clearly indicates the deepest, most genuine learning occurs for children through play and fun activities lovingly guided by highly trained teachers.”

The event kicks off in schools this week with a national Cardboard Box Challenge inspired by Caine’s Arcade and Imagination Foundation’s similar mission of celebrating creativity and children’s imaginations of everywhere. Schools across the nation are encouraging their children, faculty and families to create something unique with a cardboard box base. Photos of these creations will be uploaded to The Goddard School Facebook page for public voting during the week of the Block Party.

To learn more about The Goddard School Block Party and The Goddard Schools located in your area, visit or call 1-800-GODDARD.

Communicating with Employees

September 11th, 2012 by The Franchise Development Team

In order for companies to be successful, they need to work like well-oiled machines. One of the steps toward making this happen is a building a positive relationship between you and your employees.

A simple step in the right direction could be physically visiting the employee with instructions instead of hiding behind an email message. By actually seeing you, employees can get a lot more information simply from how you speak with them. They can see your optimism or your excitement. Email has a way of stripping emotion from the message.

Talking with an employee face-to-face can also open a path for discussion and questions.  This may eliminate the need to email back and forth.

Turn Data Into Wisdom

August 28th, 2012 by The Franchise Development Team

The following communication and knowledge management model called DIKW expresses how we process information—starting with raw data and mastering it as wisdom. The acronym represents data, information, knowledge and wisdom. Ideally, each member of your team uses all four components—whether analyzing and solving a unique customer-service issue or making a subtle change to better serve a customer’s needs. Here’s how it might look in practice:

Data: These are the raw facts. An employee might notice, for instance, a puddle on the floor. Unless she looks for some context, however, awareness of this fact won’t lead to a solution.

Information: This involves understanding how different pieces of data connect to each other. An employee sees water (what) on the floor (where), drips (what) currently (when) falling from (where) the overhead pipe (what). Conclusion: There’s a leaky pipe.

Knowledge: Now it’s time to do something about the leak. Data and information are combined, understood and proper action is taken. The ‘how’ is figured out and applied. The employee knows it won’t go away on its own and that someone might slip on the puddle; she, therefore, alerts the maintenance staff.

Wisdom: As the employee becomes more seasoned in her role—and empowered to act—she will easily identify the ‘why’ of a problem and know instinctively how to pursue a resolution.


The Point: With the help of a DIKW model, you can teach your employees to analyze the data they encounter and bring you solutions—not problems.


Source: MarketingProfs Daily Fix

Franchisees More Optimistic About Buying a Franchise, Zors Say

August 9th, 2012 by The Franchise Development Team

Originally posted by 1851 Franchise Project

If prospective franchisees are looking for signs of economic hope before venturing into franchise ownership, they don’t need to look far. “Simply look at the most recent franchisees in the brand you are exploring,” said Tony Padulo, Vice President of Franchise Development at Goddard Systems, Inc., franchisor of The Goddard School.

“The mood is very positive, especially compared to the mood over the last few years,” he explained. “The economy is still challenging, but our leads are less hesitant in the process and more optimistic. They are much more forward moving this year over last.”

The Goddard School has experienced an uptick in franchise opportunity interest this year, including 14 signed deals. Additionally, on the real estate side, 10 new sites were signed for Goddard School locations, up from 5 at the same point last year.

“We have been pleasantly pleased with our development so far,” Padulo noted. “Our goal is to sign 36 new agreements this year, and we are on track.”

In agreement with this positive outlook is Eric Little, Senior Vice President of Franchise Development for Right at Home.

“We are experiencing a very positive shift in the mood of our prospective, brand new and existing franchise owners,” Little concurred. “Just last week we awarded six locations to three franchisees. New franchisees are coming to the table thinking about their own growth much quicker than before.”

Little said that in the past, franchisees would wait several years before purchasing additional territory. This year, franchisees who are just finishing up their first year are looking at multi-unit ownership as a possibility, and new franchise owners are doing the same.

“There is new optimism for franchise owners,” he said. “The mood shifts are definitely signs of improvement.”

Cautiously optimistic is Matt Haller, Vice President, Public Affairs and Chief of Staff to the President & CEO for the International Franchise Association. He said that, while the sentiment is improving, there is still an asterisk to note.

“The mood has improved slightly as franchisors are generally more optimistic about growth in 2012 versus 2011. However, credit access and uncertainty regarding tax rates beyond 2012 continue to hold the industry back from its full potential for growth,” Haller said. “With additional access to capital and more certainty on tax rates, the industry would be well-positioned to reach its forecast for modest 1.6 percent growth in new establishments this year.”

$10,000 Anthony A. Martino Memorial Scholarship Recipient Announced for 2012

June 22nd, 2012 by The Franchise Development Team

Scholarship Program Recognizes Three Goddard School Alumni for Excellence in Education

Goddard Systems, Inc., franchisor of The Goddard School®, has named Emily Moss of Dublin, OH, the 2012 recipient of the fifth annual Anthony A. Martino Memorial Scholarship (AAMMS). The $10,000 scholarship is awarded annually to a junior or senior in high school who graduated from The Goddard School. This year’s other finalists included Haley Carley of Dublin, OH and Kristyn Tremblay of Mahwah, NJ.

The AAMMS is named in memory of the founder of The Goddard School franchise system, an entrepreneur who started several other well-known franchise companies including AAMCO Transmissions, Inc. and MAACO Auto Painting and Bodyworks, Inc. Mr. Martino worked his way up from humble beginnings to achieve great things for himself and his family.

This year, for the very first time, the public was invited to help select the scholarship recipient. Videos of the top three finalists were posted on The Goddard School Facebook page and fans voted for their top choice. The AAMMS winner will receive $10,000 to use toward their education at an accredited college or university. The two runners up will each receive a $250 Goddard School American Express Gift Card to use towards books and school supplies.

“The Anthony A. Martino Memorial Scholarship provides financial assistance to a graduate from The Goddard School who demonstrates an excellent work ethic and perseverance that exemplified Martino’s commitment to his career, family and community,” says Joe Schumacher, Chief Executive Officer for Goddard Systems, Inc. “We know we have many alumni who meet the criteria and we are delighted to recognize Emily, Haley and Kristyn as they embark on their college careers.”

Winner Emily Moss attended The Goddard School located at 6239 Perimeter Drive in Dublin, OH and graduated from the school’s Pre-Kindergarten program in 1999. Moss, also a graduate of Dublin Jerome High School with an outstanding academic background, has been deeply involved in a variety of extra-curricular sports, clubs and volunteer activities. Moss will be attending Ohio State University in the fall and plans to study in the school’s honors program for neuroscience.

“The Goddard School always encouraged me to try new things and helped shape me into the well rounded individual that I am today,” said Moss. “I am thrilled to have been selected for this scholarship and recognized by Goddard Systems for my academic achievement.”

Finalist Harley Carley attended The Goddard School located at 6239 Perimeter Drive in Dublin, OH and graduated from the school’s Pre-Kindergarten program in 2000. Carley, a graduate of Dublin Coffman High School, has volunteered more than 100 hours at her area Ronald McDonald House. She was involved in a variety of extra-curricular activities and was named valedictorian of her class. Carley will be attending Emory University in the fall and plans to study anthropology and human biology.

“When I first went to The Goddard School, we had just moved from West Virginia, and it was a great way to meet people my own age,” said Carley. “The Goddard School helped me develop my people skills and think outside the box through different creative learning activities.”

Finalist Kristyn Tremblay attended The Goddard School located at 150 Hilltop Road in Ramsey, NJ and graduated from the school’s Pre-Kindergarten program in 1998. Tremblay, a graduate of Mahwah High School, has a superior academic background and has also been deeply involved in a variety of high school sports including soccer, basketball and lacrosse. Tremblay will be attending Towson University in the fall and plans to study marketing and fashion merchandising.

“From a young age, The Goddard School taught me to be independent and to work well with others,” said Tremblay. “The school also gave me the foundation to be a hard-working student, a committed teammate and a loyal friend. “

To view the video of the finalists, please visit:

For more information on the Anthony A. Martino Memorial Scholarship, please visit

The Goddard School® Announces National Teacher of the Year Honorees

Goddard Systems, Inc. (GSI), franchisor of The Goddard School, held its sixth annual “Teacher of the Year” competition in conjunction with National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 7th – 11th, and has selected four exceptional early childhood educators for recognition.

“For the past six years, GSI has received numerous outstanding nominations for our Teacher of the Year competition. Each year, we are absolutely impressed with the phenomenal projects our Goddard School teachers are implementing,” said Sue Adair, GSI Director of Education. “Chosen from more than 8,000 Goddard School teachers, we are honored to have these four educators as a part of our system and we are thrilled to recognize them for their accomplishments.”

GSI received “Teacher of the Year Award” nominations from all across the country, including those from Goddard School owners and education directors as well as recommendations from parents, peers and, in some cases even children.  In addition to the recognition, the teachers received a cash prize and a gift package from GSI.

The Goddard School “Teacher of the Year” honorees each developed ongoing projects that benefit their classrooms, schools and communities. The following teachers were honored:

Beckie Comeau developed a Lending Library to help encourage early literacy and accelerate reading at home. Comeau, a pre-kindergarten teacher at The Goddard School located in Auburn, MA, developed the idea after several children asked to borrow books from the school’s “exploration room.”  The children were so excited and eager to borrow books and this was a natural progression.  After receiving donated books from families and other programs, the Lending Library has become an anticipated weekly event that takes place in six of the school’s nine classrooms.  Children are encouraged to choose a book to borrow, they receive a “due date” stamp and then take the book home.  Best of all, the Lending Library has helped busy parents and families spend more time together and to share the love of reading.

Megan Kellie of The Goddard School located in Oxford, MI, implemented a Buddy Program between the preschool and kindergarten classes.  Her motivation was to help build the children’s confidence and prevent bullying.  The project pairs a kindergarten child with a preschool “buddy” and the two classes come together to participate in various activities with their buddies.  The kindergarteners read stories to their buddies, and the two classes have made Valentines and art projects for each other.  The older children have an opportunity to be positive role models, and the younger children gain confidence from their older peers’ examples.

Morgan Cooper of The Goddard School located in Horsham, PA, developed the Growing a Healthy Future program in her First Steps classroom. The goal of this program was to immerse the children in hands-on gardening activities that build upon developing motor skills, independence and fostering a love of nature. Throughout the year, the children engage in several gardening activities and participate by filling garden beds with soil, planting and watering seeds, observing the plants grow, watching insects enjoy the plants, harvesting their crops and finally “cooking” with them in the healthy eating program.  The garden beds are altered each season to grow appropriate plants and healthy food.  Mini lessons are prepared each week that include gardening and its connection with nature, health, food, science and family life.

Robin Coatney created the Daisy the Deer program to further a school/home connection as well as parent involvement.  A preschool class teacher at The Goddard School located in Parker, CO, Coatney strongly encourages the involvement of the parents in her classroom as well as others by having Daisy the Deer as an ongoing inclusive outside family project.  The project was started to welcome families into the classroom and encourage them to partner with The Goddard School to promote the involvement of academics at home.  Children in Coatney’s classroom have the opportunity to participate by taking “Daisy” home for the weekend.  When “Daisy” returns, the children share stories about her adventures with their family.

Franchisee Profile: Manisha Parekh

May 7th, 2012 by The Franchise Development Team

Manisha Parekh has lived in Maryland since 1996 and considers it her home.  She has deep roots in the community. Her husband and two children are also involved in the community and enjoy all aspects of what Maryland has to offer. Manisha holds a bachelor’s degree in home economics with minors in several fields including early childhood development.  For over a decade, she owned and operated her own, highly successful in-home childcare business before opening The Goddard School located in Gambrills, Maryland.

Q: How did you learn about the brand?

A: Once my children were grown, I wanted to expand my childcare business.  My husband visited a franchise conference that featured a Goddard School booth.  We contacted the corporate headquarters and began the franchising process.  We were excited when we got a call back.  From then on, we have been preparing to bring The Goddard School to the Gambrills community.

Q: What aspect of joining a franchise system appealed to you?

A: Every challenge is a great experience with Goddard.  The business aspects of running a new school have required me to adjust, because my previous in-home business presented different challenges than having a stand-alone preschool.  The support system in place at Goddard never makes you feel alone.  Just look at what we have accomplished so far.  I am proud to be a Goddard owner and it shows in every aspect of what we do.

We explored a lot of different early childhood schools before we found Goddard.  We believe in the Goddard philosophy and its commitment to the community.  It’s a great, big family connected by a network of schools and corporate resources, and it holds true to our morals and beliefs as educators, owners and ambassadors of the company.

Q: What makes your business different?

A: The Goddard School truly understands individual children’s needs.  We have had so many people come to us saying they appreciate our work, because our philosophy centers around the community and home.  The program is phenomenal.  I am fully involved and I am always here.  I see every family that joins and take personal interest in each child’s development.  The rapport that I have with each family gives me great satisfaction and I know that we are making a positive impact on their lives.

Q: What are your expansion or development plans?

A: Currently, we are focused on developing our first school.  I am fully devoted to it and determined to make my school the best it can be. I put my heart and soul in everything I do.  In a few years we would like to build more schools so that we can spread our services to other communities.  This will only happen when we have accomplished the goals we have for Gambrills.

Q: Do you have any other interesting hobbies or passions?

A: My family loves to travel.  We do everything together from hiking to playing sports.  Children are my true passion.  I love teaching them and watching them grow and blossom as individuals.  My children love what I do and want to be fully involved in helping me.  My husband and I have built our dream in Gambrills and the School has become our passion, hobby and a great source of enjoyment.  It feels like everyone in the family, from my children to my parents, has come together realize this dream.